In English

This is the blog of the Theme Course about Sustainability Science held in Oulu. Here’s a brief summary in English. For more information, contact the planner/teacher here. The first course was held in 2018-2019 and is now finished. In 2019-2020 the course is a part of a new project called Ilmastonmuutos lukioihin! (Climate Change in Upper Secondary Schools!), check it out here.

The Theme Course about Sustainability Science is a course for upper secondary school students. It provides a possibility for students to acquire abilities needed in the future and to influence the environment and well-being in their school or in their neighborhood in a tangible way.

During this course the students will develop their creativity, working skills in projects, problem solving and their skills for living within the limits of one planet. In addition, they may create contacts with their possible future places of work and study, with other students from high schools and universities and with experts of different fields of work, such as companies, organizations and the city and the university of Oulu. All this is convergent with the new national core curriculum for general upper secondary schools.

The course started in December by a kickoff event where there were some inspiring presentations about sustainability and working in groups. During the spring the groups of students met in their own schools and were helped by the mentors, the tutors and the teacher of the course. To sum up the course, there was an event where the groups presented their projects to other students, mentors, tutors, teachers and decision-makers. They had inspiring feedback! There were also presentations and music performances regarding sustainability issues.

What a great course we had! Thank you all for participating!